With Private Insurance

with private health insurance

All patients with cover by Medicare and most private health funds are bulk-billed for all antenatal visits, scans by Dr Howland, management fee, care in hospital and delivery be any route.

Your health fund should pay for delivery by Dr Howland and your hospital stay less any excess you may have with your fund.

Additional Fees

There may be additional fees depending on your delivery

If you require a spinal or epidural anaesthetic during your delivery an anaesthetist will be called in. This fee can vary depending on who is available and the time or day of your delivery. The gap after refunds by Medicare and you health fund could be between $500 and $1,000.

A paediatrician is required for all babies. The fee for this is approximately $330. The paediatrician also visits your baby in the hospital each day, there is a fee of either $140 for a long visit or $90 for a short visit. You will get some of this rebated by Medicare and your private health fund

It is very important that you register your baby’s birth as soon as possible after delivery. Then your insurance will probably cover some of the paediatrician’s fees.