Why choose the Wesley Hospital

The Wonderful Wesley

I now only admit patients to The Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

I like to call the Wesley Hospital “The Wonderful Wesley”. It is the happiest, most helpful, most caring and safest hospital in which I have ever worked.

If you have your baby at the Wesley hospital:

You will have your own private room.
You will get a single room with your own en-suite bathroom and easy access to good food.

Your partner can stay you.
He/she will have a comfortable bed next to yours for the whole time you are there.

You will be able to stay in hospital longer.
You will have the opportunity to stay 5 days after a vaginal delivery and 6 days after a caesarean delivery.

There’s always someone to talk to.
All of the nursing staff can give you expert help and advice all day and night. They are all trained and registered midwives.

Patient feedback
The feedback from patients has been great and has exceeded my expectations. I get many comments from happy patients who have previously delivered in another hospital like “I wish that I could have had all my babies in the Wesley Hospital”