Overseas patients without insurance

Overseas patients WITHOUT private health insurance

Without Medicare or Private Health, you will be required to by all parties involved in the delivery to pay the full amount prior to delivery.

Without a Medicare card Dr Howland still charges the MBS (Medical Benefits Scheme) amount for your appointment, meaning that as a patient without permanent residency, we do not charge a higher fee for you. The initial appointment with Dr Howland is $75. Follow up appointments are $41.35. The management fee for your delivery is due at 34 weeks and is $326.75. You are required to pay these fees at your appointments. Ultrasounds are also an additional fee. You are also required to attend a six week postnatal check after your delivery which is $62.90.


We are happy to look after patients from other countries.

For the delivery, Dr Howland’s fee is $1,705.05. This fee stays the same whether it is a vaginal, caesarean or complicated delivery. You may need to pay for an assistant at the operation if you have a caesarean.

You may also require an anaesthetist for pain relief during your delivery. You may need to pay this fee upfront. This is usually around $500 during a weekday. Emergencies and after-hours charges will be around $1,000 but could be up to $1,500

A paediatrician will also see your baby in hospital they may charge up to $150 for visits and $330 to be present at a caesarean.

The fee to deliver and stay at the Wesley Hospital for four nights is $7,341. This includes the cost of theatre rooms if a caesarean delivery is required. If you do not require a caesarean or if you do not stay the full 4 nights, some of this fee is refunded. To get an official quote from the Wesley please call patient accounts on 3232 7777.

If you do not have a Medicare number and have no insurance, a public hospital may charge around $10,000 before agreeing to see you.