Practice Services

Dr Howland will cease delivering any pregnancy after 30th December

Continuing to 30th December 2022:

  • Only pregnancies which for which a caesarean delivery is planned
  • Prepregnancy counselling
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriage
  • Pre-existing and gestational diabetes
  • Amniocentesis
  • Medical disorders in pregnancy
  • Patient requested elective caesarean deliveries

What To Expect

At every visit you see your baby on a short ultrasound scan and hear baby’s heart beating.

From 34 weeks I check the blood flow in baby’s brain allowing detection of otherwise unsuspected foetal distress. This should reduce unexpected late foetal deaths before birth.

All ultrasound scans are done by me or Sue Howland in our consulting rooms. This allows you to have high quality scans which are bulkbilled.

All deliveries are in The Wesley Hospital except premature births before 32 weeks which have to deliver in RBWH or The Mater Hospital as they may need an intensive care baby unit.