Obstetric Fees – No Cover

OS Without Private Health Insurance

Patients with no Medicare and no private hospital insurance

You will need to pay all of the fees for antenatal visits, scans, blood tests, delivery and for you stay in hospital. The management fee needs to be paid before 30 weeks and the delivery fee by 38 weeks.

If at any time during your pregnancy your situation changes and you receive a Medicare card or private health insurance notify us at your next appointment and we will alter our billing accordingly.

All of our fees are charged at a discounted amount and are the same or less than we receive for insured patients.

All deliveries are at the Wesley Hospital. The hospital can advise you on their fees.

Here is a breakdown of our fees. Could you please pay these fees at your appointment.

Additional Fees

There may be additional fees depending on your delivery

If you require a spinal or epidural anaesthetic during your delivery an anaesthetist will be called in. This fee can vary depending on who is available and the time or day of your delivery. For international patients this will need to be paid in full. The fee could be between $500 and $1,500.

A paediatrician is required for all babies. The fee for this is approximately $330. The paediatrician also visits your baby in the hospital each day, there is a fee of either $140 for a long visit or $90 for a short visit