Pregnancy Fees

Pregnancy Fees

Patients with private insurance for pregnancy

You need to be in a private heath insurance fund for one year before the cycle in which you conceive to be covered for your hospital stay.

Before your first appointment we will contact your insurer to confirm what you are covered for and any out of pocket costs.

All visits to Dr Howland including all ultrasound scans and the management fee are bulkbilled. You do not have to go to an xray practice for any of your scans.

Your health fund should pay for delivery by Dr Howland and your hospital stay less any excess you may have with your fund. However, if you need an epidural in labour or have a caesarean delivery, you will need an anaesthetist who will send you a bill with a gap to pay. The average anaesthetist gap is $500 in hours and $1,000 after hours. Some charge less. You will need a paediatrician for any delivery who will also charge a gap. Laboratory fees are usually bulk billed.

If you are delivered by Dr Tronc when Dr Howland is away, you will still be bulk billed by Dr Howland who will then pay Dr Tronc.