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North West Specialist Centre at Everton Park.

Hospital admissions: The Wesley Hospital in Auchenflower


Dr John Howland is a specialist in gynaecology, obstetrics and ultrasound scans with over 30 years of experience.


8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday, Tuesday Thursday

8.00am to 8.00pm Wednesdays

About Us

Over 30 years of experience

Services include all obstetrics, all gynaecology, MonaLisa laser, advanced ultrasounds, office procedures.

Dr John Howland is a specialist in gynaecology, obstetrics and ultrasound scans with over 30 years of experience. He provides a friendly, comprehensive and up-to-date service at his consulting rooms at Everton Park.

However, any news of his retirement is somewhat premature.


Our services cover all pregnancies including low & high risk pregnancies


Out scanner has 3D/4D capability & superb image quality


Pap smears, hormone & period problems, contraception & more

Mona Lisa

An effective way of restoring or rejuvenating vaginal & vulval tissue


We do bulk billing

  • All privately insured pregnant patients are BULK BILLED for the whole pregnancy
  • All pensioners and concession card holders are bulk billed
  • All in hospital services (deliveries, operations) are “no-gap” billed
  • Foreign and country patients welcome
  • Armed forces personnel welcome

Early Obstetric

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound is an imaging modality which continues to develop and its abilities are often misunderstood. Its capability to answer a clinical question is really very dependent upon a lot of factors including the quality of the equipment used and the frequency of the probe.

Ultrasound scans are very useful for soft tissue and pregnancy examinations without involving any ionising irradiation and thus no harmful effects unless the use of pulsed wave doppler is used which is known to have heating effects.

Pregnancy Risk Management


Today’s knowledge and technology have the potential to reduce the risk of sub-optimal and fatal pregnancy outcomes in patients who seem to be “low risk”. 

Read about the parameters which may be used for all pregnancies to help reduce unexpected bad outcomes.

Below is a guide for doctors and patients

Pregnancy Management


This timeline is a guide to Dr Howland’s management of your pregnancy.

It explains the times for first and subsequent visits, the time for scans, tests done and prophylactic drugs and the reasons for these.

11 – 14 week scan

The 11 -13.6 scan was introduced as a screening test for Down Syndrome babies. It is combined with a blood test which increases its accuracy.

Now it is used more for an early study of the structure of the foetus.

There is now a blood test on the mother, the NIPT, which is more accurate for diagnosing Down Syndrome but gives no information about the structure of the foetus.

This scan has now become a very useful tool in giving increasing information about a large range of possible abnormalities, most of which are very uncommon. Mostly, it is reassuring. It is the most accurate scan for dates if other measurements are made at the same time. It has not been replaced by the NIPT.


Vaginismus can lead to a sensation of the vagina being blocked and pain like being scraped with broken glass or stabbed with needles. Women who finally talk to their doctor are often in desperate need of help.

This common condition can lead to relationship breakdown and unnecessary surgery. It can destroy lives.

With understanding of the problem, about 90% of women respond well to treatment and can have comfortable and hopefully pleasurable penetrative sex.