The Wesley Hospital

The Wonderful Wesley

In 2018, I moved all of my hospital work to the Wesley Hospital. I am excited about the move to a larger and more diverse hospital at which I feel safe and at which I feel that my patients will be safe and happy.

I like to call the hospital “The Wonderful Wesley”! It is wonderful for me and for the patients.

For maternity patients, the birth suite rooms are spacious with en-suite bathrooms. There is an operating theatre in the birth suite which is readily available if you require an unexpected emergency caesarean delivery. The Special Care nursery is adjacent to the birth suite. All of the nurses in the maternity ward are both registered nurses and midwives, and there are a lot of staff on all shifts.

The maternity ward has single rooms and one double room, all with en-suite bathrooms. A mattress on the floor is provided to allow partners to sleep in the same room. All of the nursing staff looking after maternity patients are registered midwives. The length of stay after birthing is a very generous 5 days for a vaginal birth and 6 days for a caesarean birth. You do not have to stay this long if you wish to go home earlier. Visiting time is 8am to 8pm daily.

Gynaecology patients are cared for in a different ward with mainly single rooms with en-suite. Visiting time is also 8am to 8pm daily. You may be lucky and get a room with a view of the activity on the Brisbane River.

In the hospital are under cover parking, an excellent restaurant which staff and visitors can use, coffee shops, a café and a bistro, a florist and three ATMs.

There are extensive medical facilities including a comprehensive Xray and scan practice and an intensive care unit to manage patients with complex medical problems including after operations or deliveries.

The nursing staff and indeed all of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I believe that this great culture starts at the top with the Administration and filters down though all levels of staff. There are ample qualified staff unlike many other hospitals which have a mix of a few fully trained staff and many less qualified assistants who are unable or not permitted to help with all the needs of inpatients. All of the staff seem to be happy working in the Wesley hospital.

The feedback from patients has been great and has exceeded my expectations. I get many comments from happy patients who have previously delivered in another hospital like “I wish that I could have had all my babies in the Wesley Hospital”.